Quest Martial Arts Class Schedule

Quest Martial Arts Class Schedule

Students in our Adult, Youth and Children’s Hapkido Programs may attend two classes per week.  Since Hapkido is not a team sport, we offer a flexible schedule.  Classes for each of these programs are offered several times a week so you can choose which days work best for your schedule.  You are not required to come to the same day each week, so if your schedule changes, you may choose different days to attend class.  We also allow students in these programs to make up classes should they miss time.  For example, if you come to class only once one week, you may come three times the next week to make up for the missed class.

Our Terrific Tigers Program for our 5 and 6 year old students is only offered on Friday evenings.  Since there is not an opportunity to make these classes up, aside from the trial month period, we offer memberships that are based on a set number of classes rather than for a length of time.  If you miss a class, it will not count against your total.


5:00 PM - Children

5:45 PM - Youth

6:45 PM - Adult

8:00 PM - Adult Open Class


5:00 PM - Children

5:45 PM - Children

6:30 PM - Youth

7:30 PM - Adult




5:15 PM - Children

6:00 PM - Youth

7:00 PM - Adult


4:30 PM - Terrific Tigers

5:00 PM - Children

5:45 PM - Terrific Tigers


10:00 AM - Children

10:45 AM - Youth & Adult

12:30 PM - Adult Sword Club